QuagmireCh. Pramada's Quagmire Of Melrose L

Quagmire is staying at Pramada, mostly. Who could say no to this little darling? Not his co-owner Keli Martin of Saudades Kennels, who spent months convincing me this was the one she REALLY wanted.

Quagmire hit the ground running and was awarded Winner's Dog at the first host show of the 2009 Dachshund National, and then finished his championship in January 2010 after just 12 shows. He spent the rest of 2010 learning how to swim, dive, retrieve and hunt on a mountain with his co-owner Keli. He has been shown sparingly starting in April 2011 and is currently a top ranked Longhaired Dachshund in less than 25 shows. He will be taking on the show ring in 2012 in full force.

Quagmire is the sire of the S and T litter and has 3 champion progeny already.


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Pam & Dave Peat


Scottsdale, Arizona


Maggie Peat


South San Francisco, California